Face(Book) Value Status Updates: Categorical Funness

Logging into Facebook lately, it seems as though my friends’ status updates have developed somewhat of a persona.  Taking the status updates at face (book) value, without delving too deeply into how someone’s status reflects that person in real life, there appears to be a few categories these updates can be placed in.  Tell me, what’s really on your mind.

The Vent-O-Matic

These updates are a form of massively communicated venting directed at the entity that caused the frustration and will, more than likely, never be read by the frustrater.

A pre-approved screen shot of a Vent-O-Matic update from a friend’s page.

At one point or another, I’m sure we’ve all posted something that could fit into this category.  Personally, my only Vent-O-Matic post was directed toward the band Phish and their cult-like followers when they came to town and took all the available parking spots.  I have to admit, expressing my disdain for them via status update was quite cathartic. And…just because I can and because they’re funny, here are some more examples:

Gosh, I completely agree!
The nerve of some people!







The Play-by-Play

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see that you’re about to take a shower while eating mac ‘n cheese, doing a crossword puzzle (if this was a FB status, it would fall under the Vent-O-Matic).  Play-by-Play status updates are exactly that, a play-by-play of whatever the person did, is doing, or will do.  I might be a little harsh, but I don’t even think the people that post in this category want to see this stuff on their feed, what makes them think their friends do?

According to Wikipedia, “In ancient Latin, persona meant ‘mask’. Today it does not usually refer to a literal mask, but to the ‘social masks’ all humans supposedly wear.”

What “social mask” do you wear?  What categories stand out in your news feed?



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Foursquare: The Funnest Game on the Schoolyard

So, in the social media class that I’m in we had to open an account on foursquare.com this week.  In this same class’s weekly commentary about the topic of geolocation apps, I stated this:

“What a great comparison! I love George Orwell, but his portrayal of the panoptic eye of Big Brother is frightening indeed. Geolocation apps and the satellites that feed they use seem to be taking on the role of an omniscient entity. I can’t imagine ever wanting to use one of these! Is the benefit of becoming “mayor” or earning a badge of a location really a major selling point in letting people know your every move?

I feel as though Big Brother really lives within technology and only gets stronger with the way technology is advancing. We have so little control over the monitoring of our actions on the web, I can almost guarantee I won’t ever give up the remaining little bit of physical privacy I have. Plus, I have an extreme fear that some creeper will try to follow me to Wal-Mart and have his/her way with me in the auto parts section.

As a potential advertiser, however, I think geolocation apps will be very insightful in consumers’ visiting behavior in terms of how often, how long, with whom, etc. I can’t help but say that if someone’s willing to offer up this information, it might as well be used to sell to them.”

After starting the account, however, I have changed my mind.  I suppose as addictive it is, if only I had a smart phone that reminded me to check in when I arrive a certain distance from the place, I would be all over it all day, er’day, so to speak.  Having to text my location in has decreased my participation, but at the same time it has made me yearn for a smart phone and my interest in earning these freakin’ badges.  I never thought I’d stoop to this level…but you know what, I don’t even care.  I literally can’t wait to check-in to my favorite places.

I believe there is a misconception in the level of privacy one has in giving information about their location.  Try it out for yourself, you would be surprised with how addicting it is.


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The Sound of Music: Epitonic’s Epic Return to the Music Scene

It’s been a long time since the days of Napster, Kazaa, Limewire and all the other P2P file sharing sites that met their ends by the hands of the evil music industry’s plight against copyright infringement. One, however, was untouched by this attack…because it was legal. No way, a website featuring free mp3s from bands and labels that want to have their music heard by the masses is entirely impossible! Wrong. In the boom of extremely accessible “free” content in the late 90s and early 2000s, Epitonic emerged as a platform offering indie music for the real “free” (meaning without the potential for a subpoena).  Well, after a short hiatus, it returns to offer the same product as before, but with improvement made possible by web 2.0.

Equipped with extensive lists of artists and labels with music featured on the website, they add new tracks everyday.  They even go through the trouble of making all the days downloads available with only one click.  From my own personal experience, this site is amazing.

Click the Epitonic picture above and see yourself.  If anything, you see some bands you’ve never heard of, and like it or not, it’s 100% free.


Sources: Pitchfork.com, Epitonic.com

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Myers-Briggs: Fun With Letters

A couple of weeks ago, I randomly took a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality survey that ended with results that were a bit surprising, but not at all false.  The survey began by asking a typical gender identification question, then asked “What makes you the happiest?”.  I found this subjective question odd as far as how the survey was ranked.  Either way, after answering that one a series of questions were presented that dealt mainly with comparisons between being: organized/messy, practical/theoretical, and sociable/reclusive, below is one of them.

A screen shot of one of the questions. I would have selected "Very Very Inaccurate" if it were a choice.After completing the survey, the results are given in letter form with a combination of (E)xtroversion or (I)ntroversion, I(N)tuitive or (S)ensing, (F)eeling or (T)hinking, and (P)erceiving or (J)udging.  They give you your letter results, with percentages to justify, as well as a brief description of your personality type.  Here’s mine:

If you’re like me, this description isn’t really adequate.  If you visit Keirsey.com, however, it gives a very detailed look into each personality or “temperament” (if you’re familiar with psychology jargon).  According to Keirsey, I fall under the category Idealist: Champion.  To begin with, it calls me a “Champion”, my ego is instantly stroked.  Besides that, however, the description is weirdly accurate.  This quote stands out:

“Champions have outstanding intuitive powers and can tell what is going on inside of others, reading hidden emotions and giving special significance to words or actions.”

Since I learned the definition of empathy, I instantly knew that I possessed a grand amount of the stuff.  This, along with everything else in the description, (unlike reading a horoscope that is vague and relatable to almost anyone’s recent happenings or “time to make an important move”) just feels real.  There is also a description of the best fit jobs for each personality and of the five listed, two were advertising related.  If this doesn’t make me feel like I’m on the right track, I don’t know what does.

I suppose my results and personality description really only provide strength behind things I already know about myself, but it’s comforting to know that I share the same personality type with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Joan Baez and Leo Tolstoy.

I’m really interested in whether other people’s personality type matches with the job they’re pursuing or currently have, or if my situation is just serendipitous in nature.

What letters are you and how accurate is Keirsey’s description?  Did this description reiterate what you already knew about yourself or shine light on a characteristic you weren’t sure you had?


Sources: Similarminds.com & Keirsey.com
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Sayonara Suckers: A Tale of Friend Purging

So, the other day I decided it was time to clean up the ol’ Facebook friend list.  Typically, every year or so since I’ve had an account I find it cathartic to sever ties with a lot of those “friends” I’ve accumulated being the social butterfly I am.  Oh my gosh, “Sayonara suckers!” has never been so relevant in all my life.  It’s true that I’ve been incredibly lax on the standards I keep for friends, but those standards tightened up in the blink of an eye when I couldn’t click the De-friend button fast enough.  To be honest, I’m slightly intrigued by the intense feeling of satisfaction I got from this purge.  And, I can’t help but thank Facebook for not informing those who didn’t make the cut.

As Facebook continues to grow, more people that you don’t know or barely know are going to try and sneak a peak at your Speedo-clad beach photos, or perhaps they’re just going to litter your news feed with 50 million Farmville notifications in one day.  This no longer appeals to me.  There’s just no way I know 528 people that I would feel comfortable seeing me in a Speedo…well, maybe I’d be comfortable enough, but forget some Farmville nonsense!  I realize that if I don’t care about the statuses they post, then they’re not going to care too much for mine.  Really, I’m just doing us both a favor by nixing the friendship.  Goodbyes are so hard…unless it’s in the form of a clickable “x”.

Okay, so I didn’t just go in there all willy nilly de-friending everyone I’ve ever known.  First, I started by evaluating the number of friends I currently had — 528.  Then I realistically set a goal for how many friends I wanted — below 200.  That’s when I went in with guns blazing!  The standards I used for keeping or cutting friends are as such:

  • How long it had been since I had physically seen this person or electronically interacted with them
  • If I thought they were only my friend to creep on my photos
  • If I even remotely cared about the content they post

These were a good starting point, but It soon got much deeper.  To cut or not to cut, that is the question.  I had a strict number I wanted to reach, so I decided if I thought twice about cutting the person, they could at least stay and be reevaluated for the next purge.  Luckily, this didn’t happen as often as I thought it would.  For the most part, the list I have now consists of friends and friends of friends that I could see myself actually wanting to hangout with, or at least have a conversation with on Facebook Chat.

Not surprisingly, I’m not the only person on the planet that gets a good feeling from burning faux friend bridges!  Facebook Purge is an initiative, along with other groups on Facebook, to do just that.  Burn those bridges and see more meaningful content in your news feed appear.  Don’t be a virtual friend collector, we’re not Pokemon.

I can proudly say, after starting my purge with 528 friends, I am now down 342 to a somewhat realistic 186 meaningful friendships on Facebook.

How many did you cut from the list?

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Getting ‘Er Done One Like at a Time

While driving the other day, I had hit a dead spot in radio goodness where all the stations were either playing crappy music or were on commercials.  When this happens, I always tend to put it on the classic rock station 103.5 WIMZ because when in doubt, they’ll probably be playing some Van Halen.  Sadly, no “Jump” playing this time but the DJ was hyping a giveaway called The Rockin’ Racin’ Roadtrip, a free weekend trip to the Bristol Motor Speedway (transportation there and back provided…GET ‘ER DONE)!  Although the contest didn’t catch my ear, the way in which the station wants people to enter their names into the drawing did.  In an attempt to increase audience interest in the WIMZ fan page on Facebook, all people have to do to enter is “like” the station’s page, thus becoming a “fan”.  With the use of Facebook and other social media growing more and more, I’m sure promoting contests this way is becoming quite common.  The part of this that strikes me as interesting comes from the exact step-by-step instructions given by the DJ for using the “like” button on Facebook.  I understand that the station has an older audience, but are they not Facebook savvy?  Gone are the days when this social outlet was only for the 18 to 25-ish year old college students, especially now when my mom, and even worse, my great aunt have profiles, but not only are the older generations creating profiles, they are using them!  If WIMZ is trying to get more of an online audience, I believe it would be wise to begin polishing their own online presence.  With only 10 “likes” themselves, 11 pictures and an “about” section that’s skimpier than that, I can see why they only have 1,690 people that like the page.  The local hit music station has roughly 11,000 likes on their page, but they also generate conversations and post content multiple times a day.  Maybe I’m overestimating this older audience’s facebooking ability, but I feel as though there are better ways to attract this audience to the page than by telling them how to do it.  Just because they know how to do it doesn’t mean they’re going to, WIMZ needs to make them want to like their page with content people want to view.

I wonder if these guys need instructions on using Facebook?

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My Dilema

For some reason, it’s extremely difficult to sit myself down and write. Looking back to a few years ago and it seems weird to think that I used to write all the time. Man, I really miss my “emo” high school years when I could bust out a poem in the blink of a tear-streaked eye. I had no shame back then. I’m sure I could still dust off the ol’ pen and paper and whip up a soulful stanza or two, but why would I do that? I used to write for myself never considering even a remote possibility that any other eyes would see it. To an extent, I still hold on to that mindset today. Do I really want everybody that knows how to use a computer to read and criticize my written thoughts? Yes, yes I do. At least I’m going to tell myself that until writing becomes something I yearn to do everyday. Just like when I started running, at first I hated every second of it but soon after starting, the hate dissolved and it turned into a major part of a complete day for me.  Hopefully this implementation of writing as a habit takes the same way. Hello online presence, let’s be friends.

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My name is Chance Vineyard and I am from Maryville, TN.  I hope to attend portfolio school after graduation, in preparation of pursuing a career in the creative side of advertising.  My number one goal in Social Media class is to learn to utilize social media as an instrument in gaining a respectable online presence.  As of now, I am not sure what my long term goals for my blog are, but if this goes swimmingly then I am definitely interested in keeping it up.

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